Harry Potter Christmas Ideas | How To Create A Magical Theme This Xmas

Harry Potter Christmas Ideas | How To Create A Magical Theme This Xmas

The harry potter christmas decorations are ideas for your Christmas. They will create a magical theme this year.

15 December 2024 (last updated)

This Christmas, be inspired by Harry Potter and create an unusual and alternative Christmas theme. Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon that has captivated the imaginations of both youngsters and adults. 

Make it your Christmas theme this year; there’s something magical about wizards and witches that lends an additional layer of excitement to the holiday. 

We’ve compiled a collection of 29 Harry Potter Christmas ideas and inspiration to help you make your holiday season even more magical. 

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Christmas Trees Inspired by Harry Potter

1. The Tree of Harry Potter


Cover your tree with all things Harry Potter, from the ornaments to the mat that surrounds your tree, to recreate your favorite franchise. Each decoration may have a Harry Potter theme, such as the baubles representing Hogwarts houses, the lights representing book pages, and the ornaments representing Horcruxes and other difficulties the three had to face, such as the Winged Keys in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

2. Luminous Lights


Decorate your Christmas tree with Harry Potter fairy lights. These may be found at most gimmick stores as well as on the merchandising website. The lights may be customized to represent any house, including Gryffindor and Slytherin. Some even come with all four homes covering the lights, allowing you to decorate your tree with all four. You may also use fairy lights that are related to Harry Potter in general, with letters covering the LED lights to symbolize Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. Alternatively, book pages fashioned into love hearts may be used to cover the LED lights. Etsy is a wonderful platform for supporting small companies and purchasing items like the book page lights. 

Artificial Trees No. 3


If you believe an artificial tree is ideal for you this Christmas, check out our Guide to Artificial Trees. Artificial trees are now available in a number of colors, allowing you to match your tree to a particular home color such as red, blue, or yellow, as well as the traditional green of most trees. You may also go for a white tree, or a shade of white, to match the Yule Ball Tree from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is set during the Christmas season. 

Decorations for Christmas

4. Wreaths of Dirigible Plums


This year, welcome your family and friends to your Harry Potter Holiday house with a wreath created by you or purchased from a local company. Your wreath might be in the colors of your Hogwarts house, a wreath for Hedwig, or a strange, obscure wreath filled with Dirigible Plums, like to the one Xenophilius hung outside his house. 

Stockings from Hogwarts 


You may create any or all of these decorations to match your Hogwarts house. However, why not do a Molly Weasley and have knitted stockings with your and your family’s initials on them (either knitted by yourself, someone you know, or a small company that does this). That way, it’s a bit more personal, but it’s also very Harry Potter and extremely Molly Weasley, the franchise’s soothing mother figure. 

Sorting Hat Tree Toppers is number six on the list.


Your tree topper might be the Deathly Hallows Symbol, which is constructed entirely of wood to give your tree a rustic vibe, or the Golden Snitch, but why not make your tree topper the renowned Sorting Hat? Instead of removing the Sorting Hat from the tree, visit J. K. Rowling’s Pottermore website, which will sort you into your Hogwarts House, your Ilvermorny House (the American ‘Hogwarts’ school for Witches and Wizards), a wand, and a Patronus. 

Baubles from Harry Potter 


You may use any theme of Harry Potter Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree. They don’t even have to have text or images on them; the colors of Hogwarts, the houses, and so on may be used instead. However, if you want to decorate your tree with baubles that have a clear connection to Harry Potter, Primark offers a Harry Potter collection that includes Christmas Baubles. Similar to Platform 93/4, you may purchase baubles with the characters on them and other Harry Potter-related items. If you have clear baubles, crafting equipment, and decorations, you can design and create your own own Harry Potter ornaments. 

Ornaments, number eight 

https://www.etsy.com/uk/ (photo credit: https://www.etsy.com/uk/)

Objects, like as Horcruxes, may be represented as ornaments on your Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree. You might have a bauble or other decoration to symbolize Harry, since there are eight known Horcruxes, one of which is Harry himself. The actual issue is what about Nagini the snake, who can be very frightening in the movies and isn’t always kid-friendly. A modest and delicate snake ornament to symbolize Nagini, on the other hand, might be something to explore and could work – plus you’d have all 8 Horcruxes on your tree. Unless some people are afraid of snakes, it should be easy sailing for everyone! Although there are other Horcruxes that are already stunning, like as Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem. 

Tables for Dinner

9. Glasses from Hogwarts


Having tall standing goblets to drink from this Christmas will undoubtedly make a statement at your dinner table. They may be any design and ornamentation; there are many goblets and glasses to choose from, and some even change color when a cold drink is put into them, as if by magic. During this wonderful time of year, it is guaranteed to amuse and amaze the young ones. 

10. Setting the Scene

https://theswishfamilyrobertson.wordpress.com/ is the source of this image.

Setting the table in a Harry Potter theme, from plates to silverware, will add to the thrill and enchantment of your Harry Potter-themed Christmas. Cutlery is quite conventional, but you might include a wand with each plate setting so that you can make some fun at the meal with spells. For example, instead of asking “please pass the gravy,” you could say “acio gravy.” Adding some Harry Potter Christmas crackers to the Christmas table this year will also enhance extra enjoyment, since they are packed with both traditional and Harry Potter-themed cracker toys, as well as some Harry Potter jokes – what a treat!

Place Cards No. 11

This Christmas, get creative and create your own Placecards with a Harry Potter twist. You could use whatever Harry Potter design you like for your place cards, and it might be a great activity for kids, family, and friends to complete the night before or on Christmas Day. Alternatively, make a golden snitch out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates by cutting off some paper and sticking it on the golden wrapper. If you wanted to make the day a bit more exciting, you could even assign personalities to your visitors. To add a little intrigue to this wonderful day, the allocated characters might be used in a game of Cluedo or a Murder Mystery. 

Candles No. 12

Tall tapered candles will not only bring elegance but also enchantment to this beautiful table arrangement. If you put them in transparent glass candle holders at various heights, the candles will seem to float as if by magic. However, you must be cautious with these candles since they are very tall, and you must be mindful of your surroundings, particularly if children are around. On a dinner table, tea lights are just as effective as tapered candles; in fact, they create a warm, intimate environment as well as enchantment. 


13. Sweaters

To celebrate Christmas like a real Weasley, everyone should wear a knitted sweater with their initial on, just as Molly Weasley did. Alternatively, have a competition the night before (or on Christmas Day) to see who can come up with the best Harry Potter-themed Christmas sweater. They may be any design or have any items dangling from them to mimic a Harry Potter moment or object. 

Cloaks (#14)

Unknown photographer

When your visitors come, give them a cloak from their Hogwarts house or a plain black cloak. If you’re going to buy cloaks for your visitors, go with a basic black cloak so you can buy a few at once and have your guests decorate them with their home colors and such. If your visitors are purchasing their own cloak, they may purchase any cloak they see appropriate. 

15. Ties

Add a tie to your outfit that corresponds to the home you’re in. You may get Hogwarts house ties for a reasonable price on Amazon, which you or your guests can wear on the big day. 

16. Smart Clothes


The Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire takes place over the Christmas season and is, of course, a Ball. You and your guests may dress up as the actors did in the Yule Ball scene and spend the day in your finest attire. Your outfits may be inspired by those seen in the film, such as Hermione’s Yule Ball gown, which attracted heads and is guaranteed to do the same on Christmas Day!

Food and Drink from the Harry Potter Universe

Snacks (17.)

You may provide a range of snacks or a platter of snacky items as some picky nibbles for you and your guests to enjoy before the major meal of the day. Cheese puffs might become Huffle Puffs, and gummy snakes could become Slytherin Snakes if you named them after the houses. 

Baking (18.)

Baking is a traditional Christmas pastime that may be enjoyed with friends and family. When it comes to creating Harry Potter-themed cakes and pastries, you may go for the nostalgic route and decorate everything in all things Harry Potter, or you can use Harry Potter as a motif for the names of your baked goods. That way, you may bake the foods you love with a Harry Potter moniker and a touch of pumpkin and other spices in honor of Harry Potter. 

If you’re feeling brave and up for a challenge, you could bake a gingerbread home, but instead of the traditional gingerbread house, you could recreate a house or building from Harry Potter!

Cocktails (19.)

Assign the names of witches and wizards, or even the Hogwarts Houses, to your drinks. A Slick Slytherin Mojito is one that has green minty leaves. Christmas is also a great time to experiment with making your own cocktails – obviously, provided you are of legal drinking age – since mixing and producing your own drinks is half the pleasure; they are your own concoctions with amusing Harry Potter titles that you can enjoy throughout the day. 

Coffees (20)


Coffee and a sweet dessert always helped me wind down at the end of the dinner and day. Try making your own Butterbeer Latte; the famous Butterbeer that everyone seems to adore and want more of in the movies can now be enjoyed in the shape of a warm, soothing coffee in your own house. If you don’t like coffee, leave it out and create a cold milkshake-style butterbeer instead. 

Desserts are number 21.


The classic Flaming Christmas Pudding and gingerbread cookies are only two of the numerous sweets to offer during Christmas. In honor of Ron, you might prepare a treacle tart or something sweet and wonderful to finish your dinner. To finish it off, you might add some flavoring to the whipped cream, such as pumpkin, beer, or even cinnamon. 


Harry Potter Soundtrack (number 22)

Why not listen to the whole Harry Potter soundtrack throughout the day? The majority of the songs are instrumental, but they contribute to the mysterious and wonderful ambiance, putting everyone in the Harry Potter and Christmas mood. 

Audiobooks (number 23) 

While you’re cooking or preparing for the big day, go back to the beginning of Harry Potter and read the novels, but you may not have time to read them all over again since Christmas is such a hectic time of year. So, while you prepare for the big day this Christmas, why not reward yourself to listening to the audiobooks of Harry Potter on Audible? 

Activities related to Harry Potter

Pictionary (number 24)

Play a game of Pictionary if you have a whiteboard or a pinboard where you can pin up some A3-A2 pieces of paper. Write down anything related to Harry Potter, including character names, locations, and items, and have your friends and family identify what you’re drawing in under 30 seconds. You might make the game more exciting by forming teams and awarding unique prizes to the victors. 

Cluedo (number 25)

This Christmas, play the Harry Potter version of the traditional game of Cluedo. This edition is offered in a limited number of shops and is available for Prime Delivery on Amazon. 

Harry Potter World is number 26.

Why not spend a day with your family or friends at Harry Potter’s Magical Wizarding World before the big day? You must purchase your tickets in advance of your visit; nevertheless, most people feel that reserving for the Christmas tour is even more wonderful and unique. This is due to the fact that the studio is in full Christmas gear, with the Great Hall decked up in all things Christmassy and reminiscent of the Yule Ball. 


27. Nail Design

http://www.workplaypolish.com/ is the source of this image.

Painting your nails in Hogwarts House colors or any Harry Potter design can help you get into the Harry Potter spirit this Christmas. Your nails may have a variety of patterns and designs on them, or they could be basic, with all nails being the same color or one color with a feature nail that has a sparkly lacquer to give that sparkle and enchantment. 

28. Cosmetics


Make your cosmetics match the colors of Hogwarts or the sophisticated clothing of dressing up. If you want to stick to the colors, choose eyeshadow that matches your Hogwarts house, or all of them if you’re feeling adventurous. To achieve a smoky eye appearance, use three different shades of the same color. Alternatively, keep your primary color and add a sparkly or glittery makeup to your eyelids, winter corners, and brow bone to give sparkle and enchantment to your face as well as your nails. 

Even your lipstick may be a basic understated color that complements your eyeshadow, allowing the eyeshadow to be the focal point of your appearance. You may even go as far as to add jewels or a lightning bolt to your face, like Harry has. 



29. Film Festival

Have a movie marathon of all the movies that are showing during the day – the Goblet of Fire includes a Christmas scene that you could recreate (finish the day on the goblet of fire then watch rest the following days). The Goblet of Fire includes a lovely Yule Ball sequence set around Christmas, and seeing it to finish the day will undoubtedly put you in the Christmas, magical mood. It also means you’ll be eager to wrap up the story in the days following the big day!

Harry Potter is a great book series that has been loved by many people for years. This year, it’s time to create a magical theme for your party. Reference: harry potter party ideas.

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The Harry Potter Christmas theme is a classic holiday song that was made popular by the movie The Polar Express.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Harry Potter a Christmas movie?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was released in 2001, which is not a Christmas movie.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Harry Potter good for Christmas?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Harry Potter is a book series and not a movie.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a Harry Potter Christmas theme?

The Harry Potter Christmas theme is a classic holiday song that was made popular by the movie The Polar Express.

Is Harry Potter a Christmas movie?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was released in 2001, which is not a Christmas movie.

Is Harry Potter good for Christmas?

Harry Potter is a book series and not a movie.

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