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Do you remember the 80s? The music, fashion and culture of this era is now considered iconic. But what was the most popular Christmas song in 1984? What Christmas carol was originally written for a Nativity play in France in 1729?

The 90 music trivia questions and answers is a Christmas quiz. It has 50 questions about the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

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We’ve got an 80s music knowledge quiz and a lyrics round where you may guess and identify the song. What a musically colossal decade! From New Wave to Punk, R&B to Hip Hop, and big hair Rock to fantastic Pop, the 1980s offered us a plethora of excellent genres. There was really something for everyone, and it was an amazing musical decade.

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Questions 41 through 50 of the 80s Music Trivia Quiz

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The 80s rock music trivia questions and answers is a quiz that will test your knowledge of the 1980s. There are 50 questions in total, with each question being about one decade of music.

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