How to Organise a Candy Cane Hunt | A Fun Game for Children and Adults

A fun game for children and adults to play on Christmas Day.

The candy canes are wrapped in colorful paper and then placed on the floor for children to find. Children will have a lot of fun searching through the house, looking for their favorite kind of candy cane.

What could be more thrilling this Christmas than entertaining Christmas activities that will undoubtedly make everyone feel festive? A Candy Cane Treasure Hunt!

The exciting part, of course, is participating in the Candy Cane Hunt, whether for children or adults. Nothing compares to seeing people you care about have a good time searching for candy canes around your home during the Christmas season. 

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What is the definition of a candy cane?

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A candy cane is a sweet delicacy shaped like a cane that is usually red and white with peppermint flavoring. Though they are now available in a variety of flavors. 

Scavenger Hunt with Candy Canes

Pick a time of day for your search.

After a fun-filled day of festivities and family time, a treasure hunt can keep the young ones (or grownups) occupied. Whether you conduct the search before or after your dinner, everyone will be in a good mood and joyful on that special day. You might even start the search first thing in the morning by bringing the kids to the Christmas tree, where Santa has left them gifts, and then have them walk about the home or living room viewing what has occurred before unwrapping their gifts. However, it is entirely dependent on your Christmas Day customs and rituals. 

You can create a scavenger hunt for any event these days, so why not for Christmas? Making a Christmas-themed treasure hunt may lead to a plethora of goodies and memorable moments. 

Make advantage of the whole home.

Write your treasure hunt as though Santa is guiding the participants to the Candy Canes, which might lead to some hidden gifts about your home. During the Christmas season, there are so many decorations and festive things about the home that the possibilities for hiding locations and clues are limitless. You can make your scavenger hunt as lengthy as you want it to be – just make sure you have enough Candy Canes!

Leading hints

For the older children, you might start with one clue and have them figure out where the next candy cane is hidden. In that hiding spot is their next clue, and without it, they won’t be able to go on to discover the next Candy Cane.

Clues for the Candy Cane Hunt

The location of your scavenger hunt will determine the Candy Cane search clues. You may be able to accomplish it in just one area, such as your living room. You could even take it a step further and extend the search around the home for the older kids or adults, making the game continue longer and the clues more challenging and interesting to keep everyone guessing.

On the Christmas tree, there are a few clues.

Your Christmas tree, on the other hand, may provide some hints. Perhaps you could wrap the tree with candy canes, but some of the candy canes have clues on them or you have to locate a particular candy cane next to a specific ornament – a fun activity for older children and adults.

Simple hints for children

For the younger ones, you might offer hints like as, “Where do we leave Santa his Mince Pie and Rudolf his carrot?” They’d go to the spot where you leave the cookies for Santa and Rudolph.

One lead leads to the next.

If you want to conduct a Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt around your home, do it with older children; smaller children may get weary or angry if they are unable to locate all of the candy canes and follow all of the clues. You might add toys into the search to keep kids engaged in it, so that if they discover a sugar cane, they could also find a little toy to go with it. 

Canes are used to fill the stockings with gifts.

If you conduct the search first thing in the morning, you may arrange it such that kids discover their stockings with each Candy Cane they locate or that it leads to their stockings. The hints might be anything along the lines of “what does Santa wear on his feet?” The answer is boots, and their stockings with their names on them are kept next to where you store your shoes.

Children’s Christmas Games

You may play a variety of activities with your children during Christmas to keep them engaged and enjoy family fun. Among them are the following:

  1. Pin the Snowman’s / Rudolf’s / Santa’s / Rudolph’s / Santa’s / Rudolph’s / Santa’s / 
  2. Pictionary
  3. Bingo for Christmas Movies

If you’re looking for additional games, go to Fun Christmas Games, where you’ll find examples of games appropriate for both children and adults.

More Christmas games might be Christmas Musical Chairs, where you play Christmas music to get the kids moving and the adults singing along and having fun. As the game progresses, you can have the song play longer or shorter to keep the kids laughing and happy. 

You might also try out:

  • Charades
  • Santa Says is a parody of Simon Says.
  • Musical Statues (similar to Musical Chairs, but with the children dancing as well as the adults)

Information about Candy Canes

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  1. National Candy Cane Day, as well as Boxing Day, are both celebrated on December 26th.
  2. Candy canes, like our Christmas trees and our passion of decorating them, originated in Germany. 
  3. They weren’t always red and white striped; they were initially snow-white, and we didn’t have evidence of red stripes on Candy Canes until the late nineteenth century; before that, they were just white canes. 
  4. Since of the Candy Cane’s form and curve, it may not always fit on the tree. This is due to not just the tree’s branch, but also the fact that if you expand the arch of the candy cane, it would be too heavy for the tree to support because the remainder of the candy cane would have to be much larger. 
  5. Every year, over a billion Candy Canes are manufactured, distributed, and purchased, with about 90% of those purchased between Thanksgiving (the end of November) and Christmas in the United States.

Games using Candy Canes

A Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt is one option, but you might also try:

  • Candy Cane Fishing is a game in which children must use a candy cane to catch another candy cane from one tin to the next. They may be timed or compete with one another.
  • Candy Cane Toss: Children may toss sugar canes into a bucket or a Santa hat, and each time they get a candy cane in the bucket or hat, they take a step backwards, making each go or “level” more difficult for them.
  • Guess the Candy Cane Flavor; today, candy canes come in a variety of flavors; if you purchase a multipack of various flavors and blindfold the children, they can individually guess what flavor the candy cane is – don’t worry, there are numerous of each flavor. 

Have fun with your candy cane games!

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To do a candy cane hunt, you must first find a box of candy canes. Then, you must take one out and place it on the ground. The next person to come along will pick up the candy cane and continue to follow the trail of them until they reach their destination.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Where do you hide candy canes?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a candy cane hunt?

To do a candy cane hunt, you must first find a box of candy canes. Then, you must take one out and place it on the ground. The next person to come along will pick up the candy cane and continue to follow the trail of them until they reach their destination.

Where do you hide candy canes?

I dont know what youre talking about.

Were Candy Canes made to keep kids quiet?